---   Walkera Tali-H500
Mfg:   Walkera
Model:   Tali-H500 (sn 0114x310052)
Specs:   http://www.walkera.com/index.php/Goods/canshu/id/23.html
  Hex-V Type



..this is a nice HexCopter when it flew properly, problem is it had weak GPS Receiver & Dumb Ctrl Sys.. I'd fly this craft in the morning at a field in Tx, it would fly great, nice banked turns, responsive & fast.. being this was my first drone I thought wow what a cool hobby.. then I'd take it back to the same location in the evening.. wait for the satellite locks.. take off, go down range a few hundred feet start to make my turn.. and it would Go NuTs..! slamming into the ground.. I'd take it home, patch it up like Frankenstein with splints and whatever else it needed.. go back the next morning.. and aside from the looks of it it flew fine.. that same evening Wigg-Out Slam into the ground..

..so I continued to test.. on this craft, as per mfg instructions you should wait until you had a min of '3 Blue Blinks' indicating lock with 5ea GPS satellites, but once off the ground and at some altitude depending on location and time of day it may and pick up several more satellites. it became obvious to me that the ctrl system was getting confused with the new positional data.. I immediately notified Walkera of my findings, they in turn immediately released a firmware UpDate and according to many people on the forums the control and stability of the craft improved 100%.. this was about the time I received my Inspire1, then a neck injury resulting in cervical surgery and a move has pretty much put this craft on the back burner and I haven't flown it since.. but eventually I will re-assm it, and will fly it again.. its a lot of fun to fly and without the Camera & Gimbal it flys even better in my opinion, particularly long banking turns..

Mfg:   Walkera
Model:   Scout X4B (Hybrid) (sn 1014z090135) - Defective, Returned
Specs:   http://www.walkera.com/index.php/Goods/canshu/id/24.html
  Quad-X Type / Oct-X Type