---   DJI Inspire 1
Mfg:   DJI
Model:   Inspire 1 T600 (sn W13DCA18020170) (sn W13DCA15020811)
Specs:   http://www.dji.com/product/inspire-1/info#specs
  Quad-X Type


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..if you want to spend several thousand dollars for the 'Cool Factor' this is it, however the forums are loaded with typical Loss of Control Issues and/or Fly-Aways, Battery Failures etc..etc and the majority of the issue happen After a Firmware Update(s).. and to Top it Off >12months after Release the Mfg still hasn't released a Maintenance Manual OR Made Avail Structural Repair Parts.. EBay on the other hand is full of guys that have crashed their drones and are trying to recoup the thousands they've lost, so would I recommend this product Absolutely Not..

..I've actually got 2 of them I Crashed the 1st, (Yes bought another Used for parts, figured I was already All In) it was no doubt my fault, however, the Carbon Fiber Strut (STBD Side) that broke or rather Snapped after what should have been a survivable Crash.. the Camera & Gimbal wasn't even damaged.. another STBD Strut & Cam/Gimbal Assy I'll have 2 Complete RTF Inspire1's (Yes a Crash, even a Safe Landing is really only a controlled crash..) upon close inspection of the Strut's ID it showed piss poor manufacturing.. in fact it looked as if it had been Wound with Scraps on the End of a Broom-Stick, do a little reading on Carbon Fiber and the Mfg Processes you'll understand what I mean.. In the early days the Firmware Updates actually gave the nfo on what exactly was updated, whether it be the Flight Ctrl Sys, Camera, Gimbal, Air/Gnd Encoder(s) or the Loader itself etc.. so that a buyer/flyer could decide for themselves whether to update and/or actually track issues, do trend or failure analysis etc, ..In fact I urged the users of a well known forum to do exactly that and include serial numbers of the crafts so that we could independently build a *database, it basically fell on deaf ears.. well soon thereafter (the Next Update) at Firmware Version 12106 DJI decided to remove that 'feature' from the data avail to the buyer/flyer and not a single mention of this in the release notes for that firmware.. Also at some point DJI decided not to allow the Buyer to DownGrade the Firmware, so lets say you're flying your craft having no problems at all, one day you decide to follow the rest of the sheep and UpDate.. now your craft crashes, or looses signal range or any number of a doz other issues reported.. you can't DownGrade to the Known Good Version that was on your craft.. kinda funny and sad isn't it.. (Update) DJI has allowed limited DwnGrade ability for some firmware versions, I have not kept close enough track to give a UpGrd-DwnGrd Matrix, Maybe DJI will.. yeh right..) The DJI-Pilot or DJI-Go App used to operate and control the craft gives a Continuous Warning Message that '..Firmware UpDates Are Required..!' Every time I've asked DJI specifically 'IF" the update is actually Required for Safe Flight I get no answer (..the broken english thing..) or my question to them is removed from the forum (BTW Walkera did the same thing to my posts on their site, including in the beginning not allowing me to attach images, then later removing images of the defects found  hahhah.. but they can't remove them from my site, as time permits I'll update the Tali-500 page).. so again if you want the Cool-Factor that may very well turn into a 2K$ smoldering pile of rubble the next flight.. by all means buy in.. I run an Old Version of the Firmware & an Old version of the DJI-Pilot App, to date have somewhere btwn 25-30 flight/hrs or approx ≥152 total flights.. ..recently acquired spare Struts & Cam/Gimbal Assy, once the new Z3 Cam/Gimbal is received I'll re-assm Inspire1-01..

* ..this is the Msg I posted to both the Walkera & DJI forums: Tali / Inspire Owners: Suggestion,, lets build a database with the Serial#'s, Firmware Versions, Date(s) of Mfg, Date(s) of Receipt of our Tali's/Inspire's and log the Problems.. we may in time be able to see a trend.. just a thought, but back when the 1st Canon 10D camera's came out.. lota guys were using them for AstroPhotography.. and it became very evident pretty quik that there was a series within the Serial#'s of Camera's with lack of a better term.. Sub-Standard Chips.. i.e. Excessive Dark Current, Noise, Amp Glow etc..etc.. Obviously there wasn't much you could do about it in terms of a refund or something... given that the 10D was not designed or 'Advertised' for AstroPhotography like say the 20Da was at the time.. But! if enough data/proof is compiled 'MMAYYBE we could then force or compel a change/update from Walkera/DJI.. and if nothing else.. it would be real helpful on the used market... again just a thought..


 ..over the last year or so the drone forums have gotten so full of dribble its very difficult to glean any real data, but I have read of some that have sent their drones back to DJI (waited several months) and based on a case by case basis DJI has made some warranty repairs.. And in some cases DJI has come to the conclusion that the the Fault/Error resulting Crash was Operator Error and then have offered 10-15% Discount on the purchase of a new Inspire.. again factual nfo on the original damage or issue is Spotty (PC Term) and the types of repairs when made by DJI is unknown.. I have read that in most cases of 'Defect or Failure After' Firmware update that it is usually blamed on some hardware issue by DJI which is actually typical, typical of either a mfg not admitting to fault or someone that doesn't know what their doing, or in this case Both! Blame the Machine hahha.. A mass produced product performs well, an update is made and in some cases the craft simply Tumbles Out of the Sky.. others install the same update and no adverse effects, or none found.. the Firmware update files are usually distributed in ZIP format, the archived Firmware file is in .bin format and have ranged from 39-87meg.. yet DJI doesn't include any parity checking, why? who knows? could some of these issues be caused by corrupt firmware files? Based on whats known I'd bet its highly likely.. If you still decide to buy in, my advise is this.. Document Everything, i.e. Firmware as Received,  Before & After UpDates, Issues that May Have Been Caused by the UpDates and BackUp ALL Flight Logs, try to use your brain while flying, in other words fly it Safely i.e. Follow the Mfg Safe Flying Environment Requirements and Use an Android Tablet to run the DJI-Pilot or DJI-Go App, (by all means stay as far away as possible from Apple Tablets (products) they're simply garbage and have absolutely no advantage over the Android OS, NONE.. don't take my word for it, peruse the forums, notice how many Apple Cry Babies there are, whining about this not working properly or that.. its really amazing that they still sell.. I own an iPAD and would Never Even consider using it as the CS, reason being.. that iPAD, with Purchased Apple Branded Accessories doesn't work properly, they don't interface well, one compatibility issue after another and why people think they will have reliable trouble free experience when trying to interface these RC's/CS's with an Apple is again, its beyond comprehension, over the last couple of months I have been collecting various CrashLogs and the data shows issues with iOS are 2:1 over the Android OS, as time permits I will also include that data here on this site).. UPDATE: I am currently in the market for a Phantom 3 Advanced., in fact I gave Walkera another try and purchased the Scout X4B (Hybrid) (I still Think the Scout is one of the Best Looking QuadCopters out there.. as far as looks, in comparison the Phantom..Please) ..but it was defective right out of the box.. so back it went) ..anyway it has come to my attention while researching and shopping the P3A (May-Jun2016) that there are several vendors out there offering the Phantom 3 Advanced with VERY Attractive Pricing.. again my 2cents worth of advise.. verify the P3A Package Deal you're looking at Includes the P3A/P Hand-Held Remote vs the Phantom 3 Standard's Hand-Held Remote.. Also 100% of the vendors I've been in contact with play the ignorance card when it come to either the Date of Mfg (clearly labeled on the original packaging) and/or the Firmware Version of the crafts being sold.. MANY users have reported after updating firmware that the range of their Phantoms have been basically cut in half.. when I can get reliable data on this matter (the actual Firmware Version #'s) I'll update.. UpDate²: after alot of reading I'm go'n with the P4..


 ..(above) this is a partial overview of a select 20 of 130+ flights on my Inspire1-02, Very rarely do I Land with <1.5min remaining battery power, more typically I land with approx 2min remaining, these 20flts/av was approx 23% power remaining.. This data is extracted from the Flight-Log(s) and is then Complied by Healthy-Drones.. (below) this is my (still evolving) equipment log for the Inspire01-02, All Data Generated including FlightLogs & Imaging are Backed Up to WD Ultra-Passport HD's & BD-R DL Disks.. (BTW, the Prop-Map, 18ea pairs and this was the best set I could put together, have 3 other sets (out of the same 18) but aren't nearly as well matched, for whatever reason ( the Dies..) the CCW props are always much Heavier, in my 18sets anywhere from 0.7g to 1.0g..!)